Other products

agavaAgave Harvester

We designed and manufactured this unit to harvest agave plants for use in the production of tequila at the request of a distillery in Eastern Cape. It proved to be highly successful at removing large quantities of agave from the ground in a short period of time.



otherPlate Grab

This grab is designed to stack and transfer plates. The unit is best utilized when suspended from a overhead crane or truck mounted crane. Constructed from high- tensile steel, this grab can handle sheet sizes from 670 wide to 1500 wide with a maximum load of 5000 Kg’s.



refuse handeling grabRefuse Handling Grab

This unit is used extensively in the bulk refuse handling industry. It is supplied with its own hydraulic power pack and has a capacity of 2.5 cubic meters.  It is constructed of high-tensile materials and has hard wearing cutting edges.



Manual Rotator


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